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The best part of the year is back again, BOGO!! These buy one, get one opportunities only happen a couple times a year so they are super important to take advantage of because this is the most inexpensive time to join our oil community and start your essential oil journey!

Here’s how to get started!

You’ll start by grabbing a wholesale account ($35) which works much like a Costco card and will give you wholesale pricing (25% below retail) for the entire year! You won’t be required to purchase monthly, share/sell oils or fill any quotas. It’s simply a customer account.

This is a journey that you will never have to do alone! The Roots Report is part of an all inclusive online community with members all over the world that can help support you along this wellness path.  You may join this online community and receive plenty of education,  even before you join with your own membership.

After you’ve enrolled and joined our members group, you’ll be totally in the know!

DōTERRA BOGO sales are released daily at midnight MST and will include one oil for purchase and another you’ll get FREE. What’s really great is that you are able to purchase up to 5 of each deal per day…so gift or gather up for your friends and family!

I will post the BOGO sales each morning along with product info and usage tips on The Roots Report Facebook Page, and if you add me as a Facebook friend I can add you to our  BOGO FB Event ,  here you have the chance to win even more prizes!

To JOIN in time for BOGO, follow these steps:
Click HERE to fill in your info at dōTERRA so we can get you started!

Select either Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. The only difference is the ability to earn commission.

Enter your contact info and create a password. Click continue.
On the next screen with the top scrolling feature, choose the Introductory Enrollment Kit ($35) in your language.

Choose a shipping option and then click “View Totals.”
Enter your payment info- double check that your billing zip code matches what your debit/credit card has on file.

That’s it!  You’re done. I can’t hardly wait to BOGO with you!

Click HERE to fill in your info at dōTERRA so we can get you started!


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