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Note From Marianna! Can you believe we are in the last month of 2017?

How has this year been for you…

Health? Business? Family? Social? Overall happiness?

I am going to share one quick secret.

You still have time to make all of the above categories even better if you want it badly enough!

Decide what you want the last chapter of 2017 to represent and then completely commit to the process in order to finish this year knowing you gave it your all.

December typically represents a tug-of-war between people where they are pulled in the direction of fun and celebration, while simultaneously being dragged into stress and overwhelm. I also often find that healthy habits are somewhat ignored which leads to an unsuccessful last chapter for your health goals for the year.

So, if you are open to it, I would like to challenge you to make December the most rewarding, healthy, and overall happy month of the year… are you in?

1 – Try at least one dōTERRA® product that you have never tried before (I am happy to offer suggestions).
2 – End each day with 10 minutes of reflection while diffusing your favorite calming oil.
3 – Spend 30+ minutes moving your body at least 3x each week.
4 – Pack a vibrant and healthy lunch each day.
5 – Enjoy every minute of the experience (even the challenging times).

If you commit to this process, I would be happy to match your energy with accountability, love, and support. Please know that we are in this together and it is my absolute honor to guide you to health, vitality, and overall happiness!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

I am thrilled to announce the Empowered Life Series which is an educational symposium. You’ll learn from the best minds and increase your knowledge about dōTERRA natural solutions every month!

December 13th and 14th – “Holiday Hacks” Click here to register

Product of the Month!

The product of the month for December is a 5 mL of Holiday Joy as well as this dōTERRA Ornament. The warm, sweet aroma of Holiday Joy creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings.

Great Promo!

While it is known to hold powerful cleansing properties, particularly for the throat and mouth, Myrrh can also be used to support well-being and emotional balance.*


My Favorite Promotion!

My fingers were crossed that dōTERRA® would announce this promotion for December and they DELIVERED! Earn a FREE 15 mL of Frankincense by placing any single 200 PV order from December 1 through December 31! There is a limit of four per account, per household. This promotion applies to all account types as well as all order types. If you would like to earn the free Frankincense up to four times, you must place four separate 200 PV orders.

Important Lesson Alert!

Bath time is about to get even more fun with these jiggly jelly soaps. Not to be mistaken with actual jelly, these jumping jellies work hard to clean and soften skin while providing the aromatic benefits of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, and Wild Orange essential oils. These are just as fun to play with as they are to use, so you may want to schedule an extra ten minutes into your morning routine. Please be sure to teach children that even if the soaps look and feel like they might be edible, they are not. Click here to read more

Family Favorite!

This frozen yogurt bark recipe makes for a great healthy snack for the entire family—and tastes just as sweet! full recipe









Did you see the new packaging?

With the new beautiful packaging update, the doTERRA collections look better than ever, but this update isn’t just skin-deep. The new packaging is also more environmentally sustainable too, using very little if any plastic, and reducing waste. Click here to read more

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