How did I discover essential oils anyway? 

Even though I have been using EO’s for the past 20 years, when I first discovered that dōTERRA essential oils are ingestible, that pretty much blew the lid off the pot.   All the other oils I had been using, had a warning label on them, saying not to ingest! Learning that dōTERRA are not only ingestible, but can be applied neat, which I had never done in my entire twenty years of experimentation, really sparked something inside of me!

So, it all started when I went to the Green Festival. Something inside of me clicked and I was looking for essential oils before I even saw the booth. Is was by divine will,  sheer luck, destiny, or kismet — it was meant to be like fate. Whatever you want to call it, it is happening, and it is good.  So here I go….I was walking down the aisles with my daughter, and a friend, with her child, and I saw and could smell the oils.

I was overcome with a feeling of enlightenment.  Without a moments hesitation, (and my very good friend will tell you too), I immediately signed up for a welcome package.   I honestly, have no idea how I knew this, but my pineal gland, my intuition, my third eye,  must have awoken at that very moment, and called upon me to know straight away that this was a company that I could align myself with, and go forward into unchartered territory, to  share with people in my life.  

You see as a lifelong introvert and  empath, this was something that appealed to me.  Being a communication studies major in college, I have no problem expressing myself.  The passion behind my force makes it abundant and effortless to put forth my thoughts, as they stream in,  like the wind.


As I mentioned, I have been experimenting with essential oils for a very long time.

(Since 2002.)

At first, they came in the form of rubs, creams, or pure oils blended in other carrier oils.   I never really questioned from where the products I was buying, sourced their essential oils.  As long as it said 100% essential oils on the label, I felt safe and comfortable with that.  But there was a lot, that I did not  know about that tricky labeling.

I moved onto 100% essential oils in the smaller bottles and used them in a diffuser, but hesitated to apply them directly to my skin because of the warnings on the bottle label.  I never knew that you are NOT supposed to put carrier oils into a diffuser, and I ended up breaking my diffuser, and not knowing why it broke!  Because many of the oils I was getting that were labeled as 100% essential oil, had a carrier oil in them. A carrier oil is an oil that dilutes the potency of the essential oil. It can be grape seed, olive oil, sunflower oil, jojoba, coconut ,etc.  But I unknowingly would pour these oils into my diffuser, until one day it simply stopped working.

AuraCacia, NOW, and Veriditas Botanicals brands  were a top choice, but the bottles said “not ingestible”, which made me question the oils I had been getting from the finest organic grocery coops and websites for years. I had heard of people actually cooking and baking with essential oils, which is what most recently piqued my interest about good quality essential oils that can be diffused, taken internally, as well as applied neat, or diluted with fractionated coconut oil,  and directly to the skin.

In my quest for nature’s truest gift, you would not believe the kinds of oils I have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience and use myself.   I won’t mention any companies out there! But back in 2005 I had also come into contact with “essential oils”, that were labeled as 100% essential oils, but much later I discovered that they were not only falsely advertised, but  actually an artificial fragrance in some kind of carrier oil, with artificial food coloring in it.  I was shocked and horrified when I discovered the dirty little secret of many of the essential oils on the market today. To my dismay, and what I thought to be my great misfortune —  several of my oils turned out to be adulterated.

To my greatest surprise, what I thought was a discovery in my misfortune, turned out to be a breakthrough  to the  tremendous treasure, as the great fate led me to dōTERRA.  Everything happens for the best! When I compare many of my essential oils from other companies I had collected, to the dōTERRA brand oils, I was shocked to smell and sense the incredible difference between “them” and dōTERRA oils. 


You need to be absolutely careful with your essential oils.  More on that later.  Without your knowing, they can be a terrible product and should not ever be applied, in any way, into your health and wellness lifestyle. And especially not onto the skin, as it is the largest organ of the body and absorbs absolutely everything we put on it.

When you  use and test the product out for yourself,  it is impossible not to want to implement it into your life.   When I experienced the oils personally, I decided to begin my journey in educating others about these powerful plant extracts, that can provide a treasury of comfort, immune support, emotional support, restful support, as well as support for a tremendous amount of different health issues.

When I compare the essential oils from other companies, I have collected over the years, to the dōTERRA brand oils, I am shocked to smell and sense the incredible difference between “them” and dōTERRA oils.

You may be that person who has never tried essential oils, or you may be the person who knows that you will ultimately end up buying a few here and there, or maybe you will be like me —  and convert into an oil junkie overnight.  Then take it to the next level and build a stream of residual income for yourself and your loved ones.

Whatever your goal is, whatever you want to get out of this life, and what ever you want to do to support and enhance your own health and wellness, and that of your family, these essential oils are here for you.


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