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Although oral health is often treated separately from the body as a whole, the health of the oral cavity – the mouth – and its tissues – impacts overall health.  Poor oral health may be the cause of a more serious underlying  disease process, or it may predispose an individual to other health conditions.

The mouth is colonized by hundreds of different bacterial species that inhabit dental plaque.  These species adhere in layers to oral surfaces.  They are not easily eliminated by the body’s natural immune responses and must be mechanically removed.  Bacteria increase tenfold when the mouth is not sufficiently cleaned.

A clean mouth contains several hundred billion bacteria, and this number increases when poor oral care exists.  By using saliva and gingival fluid to supply their nutrients, bacteria inhabit all areas of the mouth, threatening oral and systemic health.  Bacteria beneath the gums, or gingiva, have been reported to be involved in numerous systemic diseases.  Oral health care, especially proper cleaning and caution in the consumption of and  ongoing exposure to intensely acidic and sugary foods (like soda pop), contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils are  a particularly effective means of supporting oral health, partly because they are antibacterial and antifungal in nature.  Clove oil helps to relieve oral pain, cinnamon and peppermint are effective against plaque and gum disease, melaleuca is soothing and helpful in eradicating canker sores, and lavender is soothing to sore muscles that result from teeth grinding.

Oil pulling is also particularly beneficial to restoring and maintaining oral health.  Specific essential oils can be chosen as part of that routine to target desired results.

Top solutions in single oils are myrrh, which fights gum disease, infections and sores. Myrrh oil also soothes gums. Clove oil protects nerves, soothes pain, and prevents tooth decay.  Peppermint oil freshens breathe, reduces swelling , inflammation and tenderness.  Wintergreen oil protects nerves, soothes pain, and prevents tooth decay.

Top solutions for your best oral health in blended oils are the on guard protective blend, which helps fight infection and bacteria, and prevents tooth decay. ddr prime is the cellular complex blend and it protects nerves, soothes pain, and prevents tooth decay.   Past tense, also known as the tension blend, when rubbed using the rollerball along the jawline,  reduces tension, inflammation, swelling and pain in the jaw.

Top Solutions for your best oral health in supplements are the bone support complex, the cellular vitality complex, and the  detoxification soft gels, then the essential oil omega complex,  also the food enzymes, as well as the fruit and vegetable supplement powder called Terra Greens, and the  on guard soft gels,  as well as the  whole food nutrient complex.


*Topical:  Apply oils directly to area of concern in mouth such as gums, teeth, tongue, sores, etc.  To relieve pain, also apply pain-relieving oils to outside cheek/jaw area (can use a carrier oil, like FCO; apply frequently as needed every 15-20 minutes or less, for acute situations.  

*Internal:   Place oils on toothbrush and brush teeth with selected oils to affect surface of teeth.  Ingest oils like lemon, grapefruit, lime, or any citrus oils to change PH in the body and mouth, in order to alkalize it, which affects tooth and oral health.

Many mouthwashes on the market contain chemicals and alcohols, which have been proven to dry out mucous membranes inside the mouth, and actually contribute to gum disease.  I hope you find these remedies I’ve created for obtaining and maintaining oral health useful.  These remedies can be used to address everyday ailments, and feel confident that you have got the tools you need by your side to be the ultimate healer in your home!!  With consistent and simple everyday use of essential oils you will quickly see the difference they make in elevating your  health centered lifestyle.  Click on any image below  to get started on your essential oil journey right now!  What are you waiting for?

I will be there every step of the way,  with you, and can help you learn how to use these powerful plant medicines in your home with ease and comfort.  You will always get the hook up and support you need with me as your personal essential oil educator, by your side.  

May you bless the world with your bright healthy smile today!❤


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