Thank you for visiting my website. I’m so glad you’re here!  I’m Marianna, a crunchy natural mama, obsessed with holistic health and wellness.

I am an essential oil educator, entrepreneur, workout fanatic, yoga and meditation enthusiast, foodie and a  ferocious investigator on all things related to a vibrant lifestyle. I am passionate about empowering others and bringing health, confidence, and prosperity to families across the globe. I have a passion for all things holistic and energetic.  I am enthusiastic about sharing the many benefits of essential oils with others.   For me it was like as though something was missing, in taking control of my health, and feeling empowered. I had never experienced anything like it before. Both for pleasure and therapeutic benefits, because let’s face it, we all need to slow down a bit so we can live longer happier lives. Let me walk you through some basics.   Click on my theme song above, grab yourself a nice drink, get a notebook and pen, and explore all the information I have here for Yoū!

I am inspired by a lot of things, including natural health and plant medicine, real food, cooking with essential oils, restaurants, travel, meal /food delivery services , health-enhancing products and services, movement, yoga, pilates, tabata, plyometrics, meditation, saging, tapping, oil-pulling,  the natural health solutions and uses of essential oils, harnessing  of crystal energies, foodie beauty, animals, homeopathy, alternative medical modalities, support with raising happy, motivated and healthy kids, home interiors, architecture, chemtrails, electromagnetic fields of energy, sustainable fashion, diy projects, art, the metaphysical world around us, enlightenment of the spirit, emotions, hormones, sustainable living and broth.

Here is my story! Holistic health has always been the root fiber of my family, ever since I was pregnant with my first-born,  even before I was introduced to dōTERRA.  When  I became a Mom, I started to evaluate everything in our home.  I became much more aware of the things that we were putting in, on and around our bodies.   I then became obsessed with getting all the toxins away and out of our lives.  I did not want to go the conventional route, since I had vivid memories of numerous childhood visits to the doctor, and disappointing experiences with the recommendations given.   When I started my family I wanted to find another way.  I slowly but surely educated myself one day at a  time, to become the source of nutritional and holistic knowledge that my wee ones needed.  I was determined to be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, that included many Emergency Room visits, and ambulance rides to the ER.  When my family was young and just starting out,  was the time when I first discovered many alternative modalities, including homeopathy, raw foods, good fats, and an attitude of gratitude.

As my children continue to grow,  and as I get older, I am quickly leaning toward a higher vibration and a spiritual path, where I wake and decide to be happy for no reason.  You seem to attract what you resonate outwardIy, so why not vibe high.  Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Although I am still in the process of transformation,  I am learning and,  honing  in on routines and rituals that bring energetic awareness of how I show up in the world.  Spiritual meditation practice has been a great tool in quieting my mind, so I can receive the universal messages that are coming at me.  If you follow my  guidelines,  I believe them to be valuable resources for building a foundation of flourishing fortune, prosperity and radiating health for you and your family. 


I grew up in a conventional family.  My mom would take me to visit the doctor for every tiny ailment, even a common cold.  I remember clearly that the doctor to her was always the answer.    Sadly, most of the time, they did not have a clear answer.  She would also take me to the dermatologist frequently to scan my body and every single little beauty mark on it.  Clearly, you must see how annoying this was.  In my teens, my Mom took me to an acupuncturist, who gave me  bitter herbs to drink, for my allergies.  I used to be allergic to all animals, except bunnies and horses.  I also had extreme allergies to the common household dust mite, and the conifer trees that grow all over Golden Gate Park.  I noticed that my allergies seemed to improve with consistent acupuncture, but when I stopped going they came back.  I just could not drink that horrid black herbal goo, so usually I would trick my Mom and dump it into one of our houseplants.  In high school, I began consistently getting weekly allergy shots.  I was injected with the allergen into my bloodstream, hoping that my body would build up its immunity to it, through consistent exposure.  I would go 3x a week for this.  I am not sure if any of this worked because in my 20’s I started exercising heavily, and then by a miracle, one day I woke up and my nasal allergies and chronic throat drip were gone.  I still, to this day attribute my healing to the cardio and weight training I became heavily involved it.  Hence, my other healthy addiction to exercise!  

We never had essential oils to support my allergies.  Now days I diffuse lavender, lemon and peppermint occasionally if my seasonal allergies get the best of me!  And this works, it cleanses the air and brings major relief!! Western Medicine is a lifesaver! Acute situations, like broken bones, and emergency life or death situations, are critical, and I am so grateful for this type of ambulatory care.  With other ailments that can be treated with a multitude of modalities, I clearly have fallen head first into the choice paradigm.  You have a choice, you’ve got options.  Always seek a second opinion when a doctor tells you something if you don’t feel settled.  Essential oils are natural options, and you must remember that it is your choice and decision to try different things.  Seek wisdom and choose wisely.  And if that doesn’t work, try again, and never give up until you find the light at the end of your tunnel, no matter how dark it may be.  This is what being bulletproof is all about!

I wish I had these oils when I was pregnant and in labor, and when my children were tiny babies and toddlers. The closest we got, to using essential oils was when my husband rubbed my feet with a lavender infused body oil during labor.  As with many things that come and go in our lives, the power of essential oils to dramatically lift us up, and change our entire emotional experience, at any given moment in time, was lost on us, as we began the difficult yet rewarding task of caring for a newborn and raising our family.

I honestly believe that our lifestyle choices determine whether or not we create abundant health and reach our full potential.  Through food, stress management, emotional support and mental support, gratitude and movement , I truly believe we all can heal our systems to regain our strength, and vitality.   I use essential oils on the daily, consistently, to empower myself, my family and my friends, and anyone else, I feel could benefit from this amazing resource in their lives.  Essential oils can support you to live your own abundant life,   mastering your full potential.

The truth is I discovered essential oils way back in my early twenties, and then re-discovered them briefly, again when my first child was born.  Back then, I did not meet the right people, nor was I able to get the proper education needed to implement them into my life at that time.  The products I have purchased in the past 10 years or so, contained essential oils. I also bought a lot of different essential oils from fancy natural grocery stores and farmer markets, but never seemed to be impressed with the results.  I didn’t realize or think that these oils would actually do anything, other than making the room smell nice.  I am telling you all of this because I bet so many of you will think that you’ve used essential oils before, but let mettle you, that you’ve not used them until you’ve used dōTERRa oils. They are the absolute in the oil industry.  You can research more about that here with Dr. Pappas, a genius when it comes to uncovering adulterated oils!

Sadly, I was not educated on how to use them. I tried for many years to educate myself from a variety of different sources.  I dabbled in DIY after DIY, making body oils and scar remedies.  But it wasn’t the type of fascination and devotion I now have to essential oils and the powers they hold.  Back then the greatest confusion, and ultimately the thing stopping me was that, the quality of the oils, I had been purchasing were not therapeutic grade. This I did not know at the time, that there is even a difference.  However there is a difference and it is HUGE!

I just know my experience, purpose, and passion can finally come together sharing dōTERRA.  Being able to provide my family and friends with real ways to support their bodies and emotions has been the biggest blessing.  I feel compelled to share this with the rest of the world.  It would be a sin not to share this realization of how wholeness in health is connected between our minds, our physical body, and our emotions.

I truly understand the many obstacles facing the modern day family. Through living this lifestyle each and every day, I have created a terrific platform to improve and transform so many lives. I am dedicated to utilizing natural solutions to create the best version of myself and my family.When I help another young family on this essential journey,  I feel like a superhero.  NOW that I know how powerful these tiny bottles are,   I must confess … I have found the missing piece to the puzzle.  My intention to make our world a better place is my life by design.  One person, one bite, one smile, one stretch and one drop, at a a time.

Questions?   Connect with me.    I’d love to help you on this incredible journey.

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I live in San Francisco with my children, my husband and a fur baby named Whiskey.  I like good champagne and getting caught in the rain.